Weight Loss Coaching

Are you ready to take the first steps in your weight loss journey?  I've been there.  When I first started my journey I weighed about 280 pounds.  Nobody thought I would ever be able to complete a 5k let alone an Ironman triathlon.  Over the years I have worked off over 80 pounds, run an Ironman triathlon, six 70.3 triathlons, completed one ultra distance cycling race (165 miles), and recently ran my first 50k ultra-marathon.  Losing weight does not have to be as athletic as I made it however it is the core of why I started in endurance sport in the first place.  If you're ready to begin, or if you've already started and want some more advice, then weight loss coaching is for you.

Are you ready to start?

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Custom Planning

For those desiring more in depth coaching the Custom Planning package includes nutrition advice tailored to your needs, custom built four week exercise and activity plans built by Coach Lance, and unlimited contact with Coach Lance by phone and email.

$150 per four weeks.

Premium Service

Ready to really get going on your journey?  The Premium Service package includes custom nutrition advice tailored to your needs, a custom built four week exercise and activity plan built by Coach Lance, unlimited contact with Coach Lance, in-depth workout reviews, and weekly check-ins with Coach Lance.  With the Premium Service package you will feel like Coach Lance's only client!

$250 per four weeks.